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Our Staff

Our Staff

Betsy - Hygienist

Betsy is known for her crazy, curly hair and fun, outgoing personality.  She’s been a hygienist since 1999 in Colorado and Pennsylvania and has worked with Dr. Chatterley since he started practicing in 2011.  A Colorado native, she enjoys all outdoor activities including hiking in the mountains, cycling, traveling and is always up for an adventure.  She loves kicking back with family and friends and cheering on her daughter at soccer and basketball games.  Betsy is a great source for good reads and she is generous in sharing books with the office.  Most importantly, she always keeps us laughing with her quick wit and humor!

Cristina - Dental Assistant

Cristina is a native to Colorado and she is an avid sports fan.  She played softball through high school and is always up for playing in her local recreation leagues.  She is amongst several country music aficionados in our office and loves attending converts, especially Eric Church.  She and her husband, Trent, enjoy spending time with their nieces and nephews, attending sporting events, working out and watching movies.  We are grateful for her and her organizational skills always keeping us in tip top shape.  Due to her competitive nature, she also stands as the office spike ball champion!

Linda – Hygienist

Linda is the senior member of our staff.  She began working with Dr. Sellers (previous owner) in 1988 and has enjoyed practicing as a Hygienist ever since.  Linda enjoys her work as much now as the day she began working in the field and has no plans to retire.  She laughs, “I’ll retire when Dr. Chatterley retires!”  Linda loves learning and, at a time when most are winding down their careers, Linda is pursuing new certifications to compliment the practice of dental hygiene.  Genuinely low key, easy going, flexible, curious, non-judgmental, compassionate and caring are just some of the qualities that make her an asset to our office.  When not at work, Linda enjoys quiet moments and the not so quiet moments hanging out with her family of “5 grand dogs”, puttering in the garden and home projects.  Bored is not in her vocabulary.

Nicole – Hygienist

Nici is from a small town in Iowa and made her way to Colorado in 2012 via South Dakota and Minnesota where she attended school.  She has explored more of the Colorado outdoors than most natives and has already conquered several Fourteeners.  She loves camping, running, and is always working on DIY projects – anything to get her outside!  She is also an active indoor and outdoor volleyball player.  When she is not spending the evenings eating supper with her extended family, you may find her at a country concert with her friends.  Her enthusiasm, smile, and outgoing personality definitely complement our team!

Tanya – Dental Assistant

Tanya has been an assistant for Dr. Chatterley for the past four years.  Originally from Wyoming, she is as happy in the country as she is in the city.  If you don’t find her reading a book or watching a movie, she is most likely at the gym working out.  Tanya and her boyfriend, Tanner, enjoy the rare spare time they have to spend together.  They recently added a new puppy to their lives, “Grizz”.  He keeps them on their toes as a fun loving companion.  Unfortunately for us, Tanya will soon be pursuing her dream of becoming a hygienist as she has been accepted to the Community College of Denver’s Dental Hygiene Program.  Hopefully we will see her back in a couple years when she is done with her program!

Kimberly - Front Office Manager

Kimberly is a graduate of the Culinary Institute of America and often shares delicious treats with the office.  In the past six years she has run 28 marathons, including Boston twice.  When coaxed, she’ll admit to winning three of them and placing amongst the top finishers in several others.  Her life goal is to run a marathon in every state and she is well on her way!  She absolutely loves traveling to each new marathon location and exploring the U.S.  When no training in the wee hours of the morning, she spends time with her three girls shopping, going to concerts, attending cross country and track meets as well as swimming meets.  She also has an elementary education degree and spent many years as a substitute at her girls’ school.  She and her sister each have a set of twins and a singleton and all eight girls spend tons of time together.


If you have a dental emergency please call Dr. Chatterley at 303-791-6700. If you have a medical emergency please dial 911.


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